Saturday, September 21, 2013

 My family has decided that we should try new restaurants. We normally eat out on Friday nights. During the week we talk about where we might want to go. After trying a few places. I was interested in writing about my food adventures. So this my first blog post. Here we go...

 Last night I wanted to go to a local soul food restaurant.  I have been wanting to ride my bike there all week long because this restaurant is in our neighborhood and I've always been curious to go there. My dad picked up a menu and we brought it home. Then we read it and decided what we wanted to order. Everything looked so good, I didn't know what to order. I asked my parents what soul food was? They told me it was a style of cooking  done in the South by African-Americans. We decided to order 2 meats which came with 2 sides. My dad thinking ahead called the restaurant to find out the specials which made me more excited!

When my dad got home I was so excited to place our order! We called right away. This is what we oredered:

Fried Chicken, Potato Salad, & Rice and Gravy
New York Strip ( the special), Baked Macaroni & Cheese, & Black Eye Peas
Side order of Chicken Corn Soup

I got my back pack and my parents and I ran to the carriage house (my garage) and we got on our bikes to ride up to the restaurant. We had to wait  a little because it wasn't ready when we first got up there. I got to look around at the inside. It was nice. Maybe next time we'll eat in but tonight I'm excited to carry our food home.

We're home and now we get to dig in!The smell is amazing, it's looks amazing...oh my goodness I can resist eating it! (Parent comment from the Dad-this NY Strip is soooo good! You gotta try it!) Wow! I ate so much that after eating I had to go take a walk. While we were eating we started talking about going back to tell the owners how much we enjoyed the food. So we did! After our walk my dad helped me go into the restaurant to talk to the owners. Here's what I found out:

Style of food: Soul Food
*Elizabeth & Derrick own the restaurant
*Derrick began cooking soul food at 14.
*The reason he picked this kind of food was because it was the kind of food his mom and grandmother cooked and it was familiar to him.
*Derrick has also been catering for 20 year.

Location: 33 Rank Ave., Lancaster, PA 17602 Phone 717-617-2005
Email: and you can also so pictures on fb.

Everything was really really good. If I had to pick my favorite...the NY Strip, Chicken Corn Soup  & Potato Salad. My parents are always telling me I should try the special because restaurants only make so much of it and it's normally very good. My next visit I think I'll try the candied yams and maybe the meat loaf (one of their specials)!

Special Thanks to Derrick and Elizabeth for taking the time to talk to me! And special thanks to my parents for helping me type. I'm sure I'll get better at it as time goes on.

I would give this restaurant the Veda 2 thumbs up!!!
Kids-Get out there and try new things!


  1. That was a great first blog! Awesome job! Now you are making me hungry for soul food :)

  2. I know its kind of a late answer but thank you.
    - Veda